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Caramel Inspirations Spa Gift Box

Caramel Inspirations Spa Gift Box

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A sweet and soothing caramel and cream scent wraps you in its comforting embrace, healing tired skin (and spirit) from head to toe. An entire ensemble of spa-quality indulgences, from bath fizzies to exfoliating scrubbers, leaves you feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to greet the day! Enclosed in a wooden keepsake chest this gift is the ultimate in spa experiences. These are full size 8 oz. bath products, not Trial sizes.

They are of high-quality aromatic scents, not something found at a general store or any of our competitors. The scent is Caramel and Cream, a romantic blend of caramel, cream and spices. A romantic earthy scent.

  • Wood Gift Chest.
  • 8 oz. Caramel & Cream moisturizing boy lotion.
  • 6 oz. Caramel & Cream moisturizing hand cream.
  • 8 oz. Caramel & Cream moisturizing bath gel.
  • 8 oz. Caramel & Cream refreshing body spray.
  • Vanilla incense.
  • Bath loofah ball.
  • Exfoliating rectangle bath sponge.
  • Boars hair bristle brush.
  • 3" poured glass candle.
  • Chocolate truffles.
  • Soothing bath salts in a satin sachet.
  • Aromatherapy potpourri.
  • Dark chocolate caramel wafer cookie.
  • 20 Below creamy milk chocolate iced latte mix.
  • Exfoliating bath shower mitts.
  • Facial mud mask.
  • Body massager.

Completed gift measures 15" long by 12" wide and 18" tall and weighs 7 pounds.

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