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Duckadoodles Easter Fun Pail

Duckadoodles Easter Fun Pail

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Oh, so cute and filled with fun. This sweet Duckling wants to be part of the Easter Fun. Filled with all-time favorite Easter activities, this springtime pail will surely please all the little duck-a-doodle ducklings on your list this year.

The Duckadoodles Easter Fun Pail includes:

  • 8" Plush duck.
  • Silly string.
  • Easter peeps.
  • Easter maze game with candy.
  • Kids card game.
  • 3 Piece milk chocolate chicks.
  • Easter pez dispenser with candy.
  • Speckled candy eggs.
  • Fruit-flavored bubbles.
  • Easter egg filled with silly putty.
  • Milk chocolate foil-wrapped eggs.
  • Fun dough.
  • Easter egg buddy filled with candy.
  • Easter peeps coloring & activity book.

Be sure to order one now before they all waddle way! (pails come in assorted colors and designs. This pail will arrive in either yellow or mint green, and graphics will vary)

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