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Tea Time Basket

Tea Time Basket

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Indulge in the complete tea package with our Tea Time Basket! This beautiful gift is an ode to the time-honored tradition of tea drinking, curated especially for the discerning woman who loves to explore, relax, and rejuvenate.

Inside the chic, eco-friendly basket, you'll discover two extraordinary loose-leaf teas, Black Tea, Green Tea, or Wellness Tea. But our gift basket is more than just a tea party – an experience.

Nestled alongside the teas is an elegantly crafted tea sand timer. This exquisite art is your ticket to perfectly steeped tea every time. Watch as the sands of time sift gently through the glass, creating a magical moment of anticipation before you savor your first sip.

And what's a tea lover's kit without an infuser? We've included a premium stainless steel infuser that’s easy to use, universally fits most mugs and teapots, and is perfect for all loose-leaf teas. Its micro-pores ensure an even, flavorful brew, and the large size allows tea leaves to expand during steeping to create the best flavor. 

Designed to amuse, surprise, and delight, the Tea Time Basket is an unforgettable gift. Whether for birthdays, anniversaries, a hard-earned treat for yourself, or just because - it's the perfect package to say, "You're appreciated, loved, and deserving of this little moment of peace."

Immerse in tea, dive into blissful moments and create precious memories. 

Gift Basket Contents:
• Two Signature Tea Tubes with Loose Leaf Tea
• Universal Stainless Steel Infuser and Drip Tray
• Tea Sand Timer 
• White basket with stuffing and shrink wrap
• Ribbon with an attached blank gift tag


English Breakfast: Kickstart your day with a cup of classic English Breakfast tea, an embodiment of strength and character. Its robust blend, which combines the finest handpicked tea leaves, brews into a rich, full-bodied elixir, perfectly evoking a cozy English morning.

Ginger Peach: Delight your senses with the exotic charm of our Ginger Peach tea. This blend marries ginger's warm, zesty undertones with the sweet, juicy notes of sun-ripened peaches, offering a uniquely enticing brew that dances between spicy and sweet.


Dragonwell: Immerse yourself in the imperial charm of Dragonwell, a revered green tea. Grown in the hills of China's famed tea region, this tea has a delicately smooth flavor and a subtle, sweet aroma that captures the essence of tranquility and refinement.

Green Energy with Ginseng: Take a sip of vigor with our Green Energy blend infused with ginseng. This harmonious concoction brings together green tea's crisp freshness and ginseng's invigorating potency. Each cup is a rejuvenating nectar, promising a lively lift to your spirit.


Skin RadianceOur Skin Radiance tea is a delightful blend of herbs and botanicals known for their skin-boosting properties. Every cup delivers a flavorful fusion that's as delicious as beneficial, helping nourish your skin and letting your natural beauty shine through.

Mighty MintExperience the invigorating freshness of our Mighty Mint tea. This wellness blend infuses your cup with a cool, crisp taste of mint, balanced perfectly with a selection of health-boosting herbs. It's a refreshing retreat and a wellness treat, all in one sip.

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