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Our Best Easter Wishes Deluxe Gift Basket

Our Best Easter Wishes Deluxe Gift Basket

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The Our Best Easter Wishes Deluxe Gift Basket includes:  

  • Russel Stover's milk chocolate bunny.
  • Russel Stover's cookies n cream chocolate bunny.
  • Wild Berry marshmallow peeps.
  • Classic Marshmallow peeps pop.
  • Cadbury malted egg candies.
  • Blueberry crunch squares.
  • Pomegranate cherry crunch squares.
  • SAHALE Snacks pomegranate and almonds glazed snack mix.
  • Creative snacks Total Cluster fudge snack mix with nuts and frosted granola.
  • Russel Stover's coconut nest.
  • Russel Stover's Strawberry cream egg.
  • Old Fashioned cream puff cookies.
  • Fudge-filled milk chocolate frogs.
  • SweetWater chocolate taffy.
  • Asiago cheddar cheese straws.
  • Pastel mints.
  • Godiva fudge-filled chocolate bar.
  • Sugar swizzle pop.
  • Easter bag of foil-wrapped milk chocolate eggs.

Decorated with Easter eggs and carrots and topped with a handmade Easter bow. Completed gift measures 14" long by 10.5" wide and 18" tall and weighs 8 pounds.

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