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Spring Celebration Tower

Spring Celebration Tower

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Celebrate spring with this beautiful gift tower. Lindt milk chocolate truffles, assorted fruit jelly candy, caramel corn, tiramisu milk chocolate truffles, brownies, Godiva hazelnut milk chocolate, Ghirardelli white and dark chocolate, madeleine cakes and more are stacked high in these floral print gift boxes.


  • Godiva Masterpieces Single Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Oyster (2pc)
  • Belvaux Tiramisu Truffles (4pc)
  • Lindt Lindor Truffle Balls Milk Chocolate (6pc)
  • Le Preziose Sugared Jellies Blackberry & Raspberry (2.1oz)
  • Ghirardelli Square Dark Chocolate wITH Raspberry Filling (1pc)
  • Ghirardelli Square Intense Dark 72% Cacao (1pc)
  • Ghirardelli Square White Chocolate Caramel (1pc)
  • Shell Bella Madeleine Cake (2pc)
  • Chocolate Brownie (2pc)
  • Nougat Peanuts and Fruits (3pc)
  • Caramel Popcorn (5oz)
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