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Beer Lovers Gift Pail

Beer Lovers Gift Pail

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If the Beers-A-Bubblin then life can't be Troublin! Prepare for a beer fest! No, we are not sending actual beer. If he loves beer as much as we think he does his fridge will be full of ice-cold beer already. So we pay tribute to beer for the beer lover in your life with everything he loves but does not have. A unique assortment of everything beer flavored, from beer jerky cuts to beer chips to beer cheese. They'll be in beer heaven upon receiving this truly one-of-a-kind gift and he can even use the galvanized tub to keep his beers chilled while he's outside or by the lake fishing.

The Beer Lovers Gift pail includes:

  • 14" Galvanized pail.
  • Guinness Beer Chips.
  • Cheddar and Ale pretzels.
  • Beer Nuts.
  • Beer Nuts Bar Mix.
  • Beer Can Chicken seasoning.
  • Beer N Brat mustard - the best brat mustard he'll ever taste.
  • Jelly belly's Draft beer jelly beans in a keepsake beer can with a screw top lid - a truly unique beer-flavored jelly bean.
  • Creamy bavarian beer cheese.
  • Perfect for dipping his favorite snack in.
  • 300 page Beer Guide that reviews over 3,000 beers for his drinking pleasure.
  • Cheddar and bacon potato crisps.

This gift comes wrapped in cellophane and topped with a handmade bow. Completed gift measures 14" long by 11" wide and 15" tall and weighs 8 pounds.

*Actual Beer is not included, for display purposes only.

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