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Camo Man Care Package

Camo Man Care Package

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Why He's a Camo Man of course! What every fish loving, deer hunting, duck chaser needs. A complete kit to keep them full of energy and active while they are waiting on that "golden goose" to arrive!

The Camo Man Care Package includes:

  • Camouflage drink koozie.
  • Camouflage bandana.
  • 2 packages Snyder's Pretzel twists.
  • Peanut energy bar.
  • Camouflage playing cards.
  • Mrs. Vickie's BBQ Chips.
  • Mrs. Vickie's Jalapeno Chips.
  • Brent & Sams chewy chocolate chip cookies.
  • Chocolate covered peanuts.
  • He's A Camo Man snack mix.
  • Sliced summer sausage.
  • Nunes Farms almonds.
  • Nacho cheese dip.
  • Camouflage gift box.
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