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Dan's Premium Pail of Treats (Med)

Dan's Premium Pail of Treats (Med)

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No, we haven't started selling paint like Martha Stewart. We do fancy the can though. Whether it is the office, home, or outdoors - all dad has to do is spread this out and paint a smile on his face.


  • Summer Sausage (9 oz.).
  • Hot Summer Sausage (9 oz.).
  • Santa Barbara Garlic Stuffed Olives (2 oz.).
  • Bandon Sharp Cheese (8 oz.).
  • Toffee Almond Cranberry Crunch (8 oz.).
  • Eastshore Pretzels (4 oz.).
  • Sweet 'n' Hot Mustard (2 oz.)
  • Spiced Almonds (1.5 oz.).
  • 1 Gallon Collector Paint Can.
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