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Easters Best Treats Bunny Baster Basket

Easters Best Treats Bunny Baster Basket

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  • Fabric-lined white basket.
  • 14" plush bunny.
  • 2 milk chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies.
  • Reese's peanut butter egg.
  • Lip Pops bunny lips sucker.
  • Smarties Easter Candies box.
  • Easter carrot of jelly beans.
  • 3 piece set of milk chocolate bunny ears.
  • bunny tails Fluffy Stuff cotton candy.
  • 2 flavors Fun Dips candies.
  • Easter popping candy with dipping stick.
  • Airheads extremes sour ropes.
  • Peeps marshmallow Easter bunnies (Or chicks).

Completed gift measures 11" wide by 14" tall and weighs 4 pounds.

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