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Little Pinkie Bunnies Easter Fun Pail

Little Pinkie Bunnies Easter Fun Pail

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Perfect for all the sweet little bunnies on your list, this fun-filled pail is more treats than sweets. If you know, mom disapproves of too many sugary treats; then this adorable pail is perfect for your little princess.

The Little Pinkie Bunnies Easter Fun Pail includes:

  • Fun easter pail.
  • Plush 9" easter bunny.
  • 6 Pieces of spring colors sidewalk chalk.
  • Easter fun paint set with paints.
  • Fun dough.
  • Silly string.
  • Fruit-flavored bubbles.
  • Pastel magic spring.
  • Easter pez dispenser.
  • Kids card game.
  • Jacks.
  • And ball game set.
  • Easter egg buddy filled with candy.
  • Easter paddle ball game.
  • Milk chocolate bunny.

A fun-filled pail for kids of all ages. (The pail will come in either lavender or pink)

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