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Midnight Munchies Gift Pack

Midnight Munchies Gift Pack

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What hardworking student, overworked colleague, or sick friend wouldn't love receiving this Sampler of snacks? Filled with everyone's all-time favorite treats like Fritos corn chips, Planters peanuts, Famous Amos chocolate chunk cookies, Plain and Peanut M&M's candies, and more. This gift is the perfect pick-me-up, packed in a Midnight Munchies gift box and topped with a handmade bow.

The Midnight Munchies Gift Pack includes:

  • Fritos corn chips.
  • Chex mix.
  • Cracker Jacks with peanuts and caramel corn.
  • TGI Fridays potato skins chips.
  • Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies.
  • ACT II microwave buttery popcorn.
  • Ritz cheese-filled mini crackers.
  • Combos cheese-filled pretzels.
  • Oreo cookies.
  • Lifesavers gummy candies.
  • Blue diamond lime and chili almonds.
  • Nestle crunch milk chocolate candy bar.
  • M&M's milk chocolate plain candies.
  • M&M's peanut candies.
  • Skittles fruit candies.
  • Hershey's milk chocolate bar.
  • Rice Krispies Treat.

Comes packed in a black gift box as a care package with a Midnight Snacks graphic and a hand tied bow. The actual gift box measures 9" in length by 6" in width and 5" tall.

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