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Take Em To The Ballpark Baseball Gift Pack

Take Em To The Ballpark Baseball Gift Pack

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Hit a home run with this excellent selection of sports snacks. They'll be round first base while munching on sweet treats like Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies, move on to second base while eating Fritos corn chips and bean dip and finally bring it home around third while they try some roasted and salted peanuts in the shell. It's a grand slam all the way around!

Take Em To The Ballpark Baseball Gift Pack includes: 

  • Davidson's sunflower seeds.
  • White cheddar popcorn.
  • 2 Packages of Fritos corn chips.
  • Frito's bean dip.
  • 3 Jerky strips.
  • Crackerjacks caramel corn with peanuts.
  • Twizzlers.
  • Old fashioned peanut bar.
  • M & m's peanut candies.
  • M & m's plain milk chocolate candies.
  • Chex mix.
  • Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies.
  • 5" "We're number 1" foam finger.
  • Planters peanuts.
  • Roasted & salted peanuts in the shell.
  • 2 Baseball slammer balls.
  • Baseball.
  • Take 'em to the ballpark mustard pretzels.
  • Mini baseball bat filled with double bubble gum.
  • Baseball wisdom from the old timers book.
  • 96 Pages with stories and quotes from the old-timers.

Comes packed in a blue gift box as a care package with a baseball field graphic and is completed with a hand-tied bow. The actual box measures 11" in length by 10" in width and 7" tall.

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